First Name          –              Paul

Last Name          –              Forster

What year did you first start fishing?     1980 aged 20

Are you part of a generational fishing family?    Yes, 2nd generation

What was your reason or motivation for choosing professional fishing as a career?        

I always just loved fishing and the thought of being a fishermen just appealed to me.

What are your top 3 species for your business?

1             Snapper

2              Bonito

3              Ocean Jackets

What is the most memorable moment for you during your fishing career?

In 2006 we saw a waterspout coming towards the boat. It got closer and closer and we bunkered down in the cabin of the boat and it hit us hard. It lifted all the boxes off the boat and launched them into the water. All we could do was wait for it to pass. It was unreal to see.

What does the co-op mean to you?        OR          Why are you part of the co-op?

The co-op means reliability and convenience. It makes it easy to focus on fishing and not the paperwork.

What’s a hobby you have outside of fishing?

My hobby is flying planes, I am a pilot& fly Cessnas. Im also a professional drummer and rally driver!

Have you been on the board of directors? If so what years or for how long?