First Name          –              Josh

Last Name          –              Jackson

What year did you first start fishing?     2017

Are you part of a generational fishing family?    No

What was your reason or motivation for choosing professional fishing as a career?        

All my mates were doing it. I always enjoyed fishing and wanted to do it to make a living, I bought a business and that’s where it began.

What are your top 3 species for your business?

1             Flathead

2              Luderick

3              Mullet

What is the most memorable moment for you during your fishing career?

I was out fishing one night with a mate who is a fisherman too and we completely sunk the boat with our haul of mullet. We had to get it to shore and then unload the catch into another boat before we could re-float the boat.

What does the co-op mean to you?        OR          Why are you part of the co-op?

The co-op is a big part of my fishing business it makes it easy to focus on work by just dropping my product off and everything else is looked after. It is good for the community to have access to our local catch.

What’s a hobby you have outside of fishing?

I love to fish in my spare time. I enjoy spear fishing or line fishing outside the bar.

Have you been on the board of directors? If so what years or for how long?