Wallis Lake Fishermen's Co-op Forster-Tuncurry

Our local fishermen are the shareholders of the Wallis Lake Fish Co-op. They work to sell the best seafood locally and then send the remaining catch to the markets in Sydney, ensuring that the freshest and best quality seafood is kept here in their local community. Fresh produce is also sent to Sydney 5 times per week and our seafood is well known to buyers on the auction floor as one of the best.

Fish, fillets, prawns, crabs, lobsters and oysters that are sold at the fish co-op shop are locally caught and are guaranteed to be the freshest seafood you can buy in the area. Our fishermen include 2 local trawling boats (fish/prawns), 3 lobster fishermen, 8 Ocean Trap and Line boats and around 35 estuary fishermen (crabs, fish, pipis, cockles and prawns)! The Co-op Shop is the one place in the area that you can be guaranteed of the freshness. Open from 7 days a week from 8am.

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