First Name – Noel      (most people call me Charlie)

Last Name – Bramble

What year did you first start fishing?     1972

Are you part of a generational fishing family?   YES

If so how many generations are you?     4th

What was your reason or motivation for choosing professional fishing as a career?

I wanted to be a builder, but I was no good at math.  My Dad, grandfather and 5 of my uncles were already fishing so I started going to work with them and the rest is history.

What are your top 3 species for your business?

  1. Mullet
  2. Mud Crabs
  3. Bonito

What is the most memorable moment for you during your fishing career?

In 1972 I was in an old trawler and we came across the bar in bad weather with my Dad and it was one of the scariest moments ever, we didn’t beach it but was very close to it. I’m still apprehensive of the bar each time I go over it.

What does the co-op mean to you?        OR          Why are you part of the co-op?

I love that I am part of a group of people that I consider my family and friends. Fishing can sometimes be isolating with a lot of fishing done alone but coming back to the co-op each day to have staff or other fishermen there to chat with makes it all worthwhile. The co-op facility that is available to me assists me in every way to support my fishing business and makes it easy.

What’s a hobby you have outside of fishing?

I love freshwater fishing for Bass when I get the chance. One day I would love to go gold fossicking or looking for opals.

Have you been on the board of directors? If so what years or for how long?

Yes – about 8 years served on the board of directors over various times.