First Name – Troy

Last Name – McEnallay

What year did you first start fishing?     On and off since 2009

Are you part of a generational fishing family?   NO. I married into a generational fishing family and work on the families lobster boat.

What was your reason or motivation for choosing professional fishing as a career?

I needed a change. I wanted to get out of customer service. It’s a rewarding career being out on the water everyday.

What are your top 3 species for your business?

  1. Lobster
  2. Snapper
  3. Ocean Jackets

What is the most memorable moment for you during your fishing career?

Any day that we go out and get a big catch.

What does the co-op mean to you?        OR          Why are you part of the co-op?

The co-op provides a facility that makes being a fisherman easier. Its convenient and provides support.

What’s a hobby you have outside of fishing?

I love camping in my spare time and gold prospecting.

Have you been on the board of directors? If so what years or for how long?