First Name – Daniel

Last Name – Gogerly

What year did you first start fishing?     1995

Are you part of a generational fishing family?   Yes, 5th generation

What was your reason or motivation for choosing professional fishing as a career?

I was always interested in fishing, but I always wanted to carry on the family tradition. I love the freedom of being on the water and being part of a really great industry.

What are your top 3 species for your business?

  1. Lobster
  2. Snapper
  3. Ocean Jackets

What is the most memorable moment for you during your fishing career?

Just being on the water in general makes me happy and seeing the whales and sealife beside the boat never gets boring. We have towed back into shore some weird things floating at sea too and been part of multiple vessel rescues to bring them safely back to harbour.

What does the co-op mean to you?        OR          Why are you part of the co-op?

The co-op is a community and benefits the fishermen by working together rather than against each other. We have good relationships with other members of the co-op and are there to support each other. The co-op offers us the fishermen better marketing opportunities for our products. The benefits are greater than being outside a co-op. Expenses related to my business are cheaper like fuel and supplies.

What’s a hobby you have outside of fishing?

I like to spend time with my wife and daughter outside of fishing.

Have you been on the board of directors? If so what years or for how long?